Tripod Key to Recovery

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Tripod Key to Recovery
tripod - Tripod Key to Recovery

The Tripod of Support is the 10th key (see Training Keys) and is about helping people and keeping them safe and keeping their momentum going during their recovery.

#1 Counselling is needed to help work through the underlying issues.

#2 Secondly, having a support group and attending meetings whether it’s AA or Narcotics Anonymous or Gamblers Anonymous, is vitally important. It’s through groups (e.g. families) that we become addicted and its through healthy support groups that we can free ourselves of our counterfeit way of living. It’s important that you’re a part of a place where you can give and receive.

#3 The third thing, that’s really important is that you have a healthy sponsor who is an ex-addict -someone you’re accountable to. Someone who’s going to be there for you at four in the morning when you say, “Hey I’m struggling here ‘bro’ or ‘bro-ess’. I need your help.” If you have a tripod of support in place, it’s less likely you’re going to lapse and it’s great insurance to prevent relapse.


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