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Let’s do Drugs’…

Education, Interventions, Support & Testing

In your Workplace or Community Organisation Place

Many local businesses face alcohol and drug related challenges. Research shows 70% of drug users in Australia are employed. Did you know that 80% of U.S.A. businesses have drug and alcohol policy and testing, yet only 10% have it in Australia. I am a business owner who can help ensure workplace SAFE –D (with obviously the D standing for Drugs) and therefore, your business potentially becoming more productive and profitable

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STOP an Alcohol and other Drugs (AOD) situation from becoming a workplace or community organisation problem


(A) Workplace Health and Safety policies and practices are incomplete unless there is a comprehensive AOD policy, education and alcohol and drug testing approach. You may unknowingly have an uncontrolled hazardous situation.If this is the case contact SAFE –D Workplace Community and we will talk you/walk you through this: There is absolutely no obligation to proceed with engaging SAFE –D.

(B) Don’t let an Alcohol and Other Alcohol (AOD) situation involving a staff member (or many staff members) turn into a problem in your workplace. You may know that something’s not right. A staff member or volunteer turning up to work hungover or someone who seems to be lethargic, disengaged and you suspect that drugs may be playing a part

Invariably every workplace will have an alcohol and other drug problem. Let Safe D Workplace Community, with its complete solution-focussed approach; help provide focus, clarity and direction for the AOD situation in your workplace. This starts with a general consultation (face-to-face conference call, or Skype) leading into the formulation of a complete AOD policy. Subsequently, a through workplace education program and alcohol and other drug testing approach can be implemented with minimal disruption to your business and in a cost-effective way. In fact we will beat any written quote anywhere in Australia by 10%, providing this quote has been generated in the past 30 days.


P.O. Box 554 Ormeau, Qld 4208 skype: silveroz7

07 55462753 or 0413359639

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