Knowledge is Power

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Knowledge is Power:
George Patriki presenting Dual Diagnosis Training.

They say that knowledge is power and this group of volunteers, paraprofessionals and professionals evaluated the two days of Dual Diagnosis training as being life-changing. The reason they came was that they were working on a voluntary or paid basis with individuals who were struggling with addictions- mostly substance abuse. Over the six modules of training, they developed competencies in being able to understand: the many faces of addiction; appreciate substance abuse and the effects it has on mental health; delve into how amazing our brain can be in recovering from sometimes what can be described as horrible substance abuse; understand the various Stages of Change from pre-contemplation through to decision-making and taking action to subsequently maintain an addiction free life. As George says, if you have a love for people you’re 80% there in terms of helping them recover. You can be a family member, a sporting coach, a fellow employee, a teacher, or just about any voluntary or paid role and and this training whether it be live (Dual Diagnosis Training) or online (SAMHI) we can help you to help those in need.

Contact us to discuss your needs. George or other members of our team can deliver live training in Australia or overseas.

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