Crystal Meth or Ice is not a ‘His’ or ‘Her’ Problem…….

meth 419x280 - Crystal Meth or Ice is not a ‘His’ or ‘Her’ Problem…….

Crystal Meth or Ice is not a ‘His’ or ‘Her’ Problem…….

Ice is an ‘Our Problem’

meth - Crystal Meth or Ice is not a ‘His’ or ‘Her’ Problem…….
lce doesn’t discriminate. It affects people from all walks of life, contrary to what a stereotypically often held view happens to be. The typical image is a young, minority male who comes from a low socioeconomic background, is unemployed and involved with criminal activity. In reality, this stereotype is way off base. The truth is, no workplace, school or family is impermeable to substance abuse. Ice , otherwise known as methamphetamine, strips away an individual’s dignity health and wealth.

My Work’s Clean

My workplace’s clean. Think again. In the workplace, some industry groups have higher than average ‘crystal meth’ use as well. These include hospitality (6.1%), construction (5.5%), media and telecommunications (5%), mining (4.4%) and finance (4.0%). (the Read about “My descent into the meth trap: a professional woman’s battle with ice.”From taking diet pills at 15 to an out-of-control ice addiction at 44, Virginia Perkins had a long history of swapping one bad habit for another, like a lot of addicts in denial.

Not in my Home: Don’t fool yourself:
No one wants to believe substance abuse is a possibility in their own family. ( Addiction only happen to “other people,” right? Some of the myths that perpetuate the rising substance abuse problem include:

Myth #1 – My family doesn’t fit the profile for drug use, so we’re safe. Myth #2 – We talked it through. It was a one-time incident and won’t happen again.

Alarming Rising Use of Ice:
An analysis of the data < comparing time points 2009 – 10 to 2014-15> from reputable researchers (University New South Wales), Professor Bernhardt and Dr Larney, reveals almost 50 new people per day (That’s over 15 000 per year) in Australia are trialling methamphetamines for the first time. To reinforce the gravity of the situation, Methamphetamine residue found in the wastewater of a Queensland city has multiplied five times since 2009. Other alarming statistics include The number of Australians using the illegal drug methamphetamine — including crystal methamphetamine or ice — has tripled over the past five years, the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre estimates. ( University of Queensland )scientists from The National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology (Entox) worked with Professor Wayne Hall of the Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research to obtain these results. It is also notable that Australia ranked second of 18 nations for estimated illicit drug consumption per capita. This was predominantly because of the high levels of methylamphetamine recorded, which far exceeded that in every EU country apart from Slovakia.

The problem of Crystal Meth is so far removed from me. Think again. Ice not an our problem. It’s become everyone’s problem. Come onto our forum or social media pages and have an opinion.

We’re from SAMHI which is a start-operation in the process of becoming a not-for-profit organisation, seeking to redress the escalating drug problem here in this country.

What’s said about us:

“George and Roger have produced very powerful tools to help people better understand themselves. Their practical and down to earth presentation style, along with their unique senses of humour and life perspective will help many people better understand themselves, offload pain and sadness and ultimately overcome or resist a descent into addictions. I personally have benefited from their wisdom and insight. I recommend them and their programs highly.” John Carey Kingaroy 27th May 2017.

online - Crystal Meth or Ice is not a ‘His’ or ‘Her’ Problem…….

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