AAIC In-School Education Workshop

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Educating High Schoolers is a way forward in the Battle Against Ice/Crystal Meth AAIC In-School Education Workshop Gold Coast teenagers are growing up in an environment where the highly addictive and destructive Methamphetamine drug, Ice, is easily accessible and in arguably epidemic proportions, impacting on our police, ambulance, hospitals, detox and rehabilitation facilities and mental health workers, as reported in

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Full coverage: Australia’s war on ice

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 Is it just a lot of Hype This Ice Thing? Full coverage: Australia’s war on ice Crystal methamphetamine, better known as ice, was declared a “national menace” by Tony Abbott during his time as prime minister. Highly addictive, the drug can be turned out in makeshift laboratories and has devastating effects on its users. The impact is perhaps being felt

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Winning Against Ice: ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’

A5 PLAN 860x280 - Winning Against Ice: ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’

CONTEXT Australian governments spent approximately $1.7 billion in 2009/10 on illicit drugs.( https://dpmp.unsw.edu.au/project/australian-government-spending-drugs-drug-budgets) This included programs to prevent or delay the commencement of drug use in young people, drug treatment services including counselling and pharmacotherapy maintenance, harm reduction programs such as the needle syringe program, police detection and arrest in relation to drug crimes and policing the borders of Australia

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Knowledge is Power

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Knowledge is Power: George Patriki presenting Dual Diagnosis Training. They say that knowledge is power and this group of volunteers, paraprofessionals and professionals evaluated the two days of Dual Diagnosis training as being life-changing. The reason they came was that they were working on a voluntary or paid basis with individuals who were struggling with addictions- mostly substance abuse. Over

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On-Line Platform S.A.M.H.I

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SAMHI’s ‘Living Life Without Drugs’ programs aim to give you, as an everyday person, the tools and confidence to support and help someone living with substance abuse and mental health issues. NEW: Substance Abuse & Mental Health Interventions SAMHI Chemically Speaking Two (2 hr Brief Intervention) available ONLINE now at www.samhi.online Hi, thank you for your interest in our 2 hour SAMHI Chemically Speaking Two (Brief Intervention) training program. This course

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Tripod Key to Recovery

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Tripod Key to Recovery The Tripod of Support is the 10th key (see Training Keys) and is about helping people and keeping them safe and keeping their momentum going during their recovery. #1 Counselling is needed to help work through the underlying issues. #2 Secondly, having a support group and attending meetings whether it’s AA or Narcotics Anonymous or Gamblers

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