AAIC In-School Education Workshop

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Educating High Schoolers is a way forward in the Battle Against Ice/Crystal Meth

AAIC In-School Education Workshop

Gold Coast teenagers are growing up in an environment where the highly addictive and destructive Methamphetamine drug, Ice, is easily accessible and in arguably epidemic proportions, impacting on our police, ambulance, hospitals, detox and rehabilitation facilities and mental health workers, as reported in the media articles in the . Recent reports suggest that Ice dealers have resorted to giving away free “samples” to our vulnerable teenagers!

The rapid surge in teenage Ice users can be largely attributed to peer influence and ignorance of the dangers of trying Ice, even once. This drug is stealing, killing and destroying our youth. Young boys are being told that Ice will help them with ‘body sculpting’ while young girls are being told it will help them ‘lose weight rapidly’ and they are all being told that “trying ICE once or twice never hurt anybody”. All of these statements are lies!

The AAIC In-School Education Workshop Program provides students with a defence against these lies, by exposing Ice for what it really is, an insidiously poisonous chemical concoction that eventually, and often rapidly, destroys the physical and mental health of almost everyone who uses it, with the destruction of families and friendships, and often suicide, as the ultimate outcome.

The AAIC has secured the rights to adopt and implement the highly successful ‘Partnership for Drug Free Kids’ program, which includes a high impact prevention and awareness In-School Education Workshop Program. Click on the image below to see a concise seven and a half minute summary of how and why the AAIC has been formed.

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Click on the image below to see a recent news.com.au report on the AAIC In-School Education Program.

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Overview Of In-School Education Workshop Program

The AAIC In-School Education Workshop Program consists of the following:

  • One-hour interactive PowerPoint and video-based education workshop delivered to the students by an AAIC Presenter who has recovered from Ice addiction.
  • Structured role plays to be followed up by the school within 48 hours of the In-School presentation.
  • Training two people, usually School Counsellors or Chaplains, in each school to act as AAIC School Ambassadors within the school community.
    Participation in a national art competition with a Not Even Once theme.

The details of each of these components is set out below.
The In-School Education Workshops comprise of a 60-minute interactive workshop delivering information relating to the following:

  • The short and long term effects associated with Ice use;
  • The danger and toxicity of the ingredients in Ice;
  • The mechanism of Ice addiction;
  • The effects on the brain, body, relationships and community;
  • The risks of trying Ice even once;
  • Communicating the risks of Ice to their peers and to take action to prevent use.
    These workshop lessons employ four Central Instructional Strategies based on the Meth Project:
  • ‘What Do You Know’ Worksheet: Six statements to engage students/public and get them to think about what they know about Ice.
  • Interactive Content: Interactive facts, personal stories, and videos to present information from a variety of perspectives.
  • Discussion Questions: Open-ended and specific questions spur discussion.
    Peer Engagement and Advocacy: Exercises designed to equip the community and or students with information and tools to take action and influence their peers.

The In-School Education Workshop is delivered in an interactive format so that the students are able to communicate openly with and ask questions of the presenter. To keep the workshop consistent, the presenter uses a standardised PowerPoint and video presentation, which can be paused at any time to answer a student’s question.


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